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Aug -05 Finally Painted

Hi, I'm Sven from Sweden and this is my web page dedicated to my interest in my old veteran car.

The car is a FORD Falcon Wagon 1965. I bought it 1978 and drove it daily for about 10 years. But after 10 years it was not in a very good condition. It has both rust and bodywork damages. And I didn't have enought money to renovate it back then, so I left my dear car in a garage for many years.

A few years later, about 1992, I got some extra money and I left the car to a friend who repair rust and bodywork damages. He also ordered from USA new (second hand) doors and fenders and hood and trunk cover, and then he fixed everything with the car body. So I guess you could say the car is more than half way renovated right now.

There is still a lot of small details missing and lacquer the chassi, So I am now waiting for the big money to fall down on me :-) to finish my favorite car. As you can understand I'm not good at welding and such things so It takes a lot of money to hire friends to do the job on my car. The only thing I am good at is to fix the electric problems since I have worked with Electronics a lot of years. The car has no luxury at all, and the engine has a "six in line" cylinders of 200 cubic inch, and 3-speed manual gear box (but I love it anyway :-)

FORD Falcon Wagon -65

This is what the car is supposed to look like when itīs finished

Click at the picture to get a larger pic
Front View Left View In the spray-paint shop Left side view
Front and Left View Rear View Front-left View Rear View
Here are some pics so you can see what it looks like before I got it lacquered. The four pictures to the left, I took in the autumn -98, when a friend with an El Camino visited me. This day he has just helped me to fix a petrol hose. The four pictures to the right was taken when I got my car back home again after it has been spray-painted in August 2005

Unfortunately I can just work on the car in summertime, because I have no garage with heating, and the climate in Sweden makes it impossible to work with the car in the winter if you havenīt a warm place where you can stay.

So hopefully I will continue to do some progress with the car, so if you come back in here once in a while, I hope you can see and read about what advancement has happened with my dear car.

September 2001 Well it has not happend very much for the two past years, but this summer I have bought and installed a complete rustproof exhaust system, and done some electrical work, like connected the rear tall lamps, (and direction indicators).
The motor sounds like a cat spinning, even though I have only started the engine for a while now and then for more than 10 years.

August 2004 I ordered a new carpet from a company Yankeeparts, in Gothenburg in May, and got it and installed it in August. It has beige colour like the original carpet. The car looks real nice from inside now.

August 2005 Finally the car is lacquered (spray-painted). I have been waiting for years for this to be possible

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