This picture is from febr. 1979, the first winter I had the car. I had my own business in radio and television at that time and here I was on my way out to one of my customers, loading tools and spare-parts in the luggage space.

Hi!!! - I'm Sven from Sweden
And this is my web page about my dear old veteran car.

The car is a Ford Falcon Wagon, model 1965. I bought it in 1978 and drove it daily for about 10 years, as well in my business as in my private life, with my family.The car has no luxury at all, and it has a simple strait six cylinder 200 cubic inch motor, and a 3-speed manual gear box. Still, I love my car in spite of its simplicity. After 10 years, in 1988, it was in a lousy condition. It had both rust and body work damages (after an accident in 1987). But I couldn't afford to repair it back then, so I kept my dear car in my garage for many years.

Summer of 1992
I was lucky to get some extra money, and left the car to a friend, Göran, who fixed rust and bodywork damages. He also ordered new (used) doors and fenders, and hood and trunk cover. All was shipped from the USA. Göran fixed all that had to be done about the body work, and I guess you could say the car was on a good head's start on the phase of renovation by then. There was still a lot of small details to be fixed, and the body needed lacquering. I was unemployed and couldn't afford to finish the work. I'm not good at welding and such things, so It takes a lot of money to hire people to do the job for you. The one thing I am good at is electrical problems, since I worked with electronics for a number of years. Unfortunately I can only get things done in the summer time, because I have no garage with heating, and the climate in Sweden makes it impossible to work with the car during the winter time. Well, mostly because of lack of money, but also because of a small lack of interest, nothing happend with my car for many years.

Summer of 1998
I thought that if I ever would get this car on the road again before my retirement, I had to do at least one big project with the car each year. I decided that the first thing I had to do was to restore the petrol system, and to change the petrol tank, which has full of rust flakes and particles, and to change the petrol hose and petrol pipes. Another friend, Börje helped me

Summer of 1999
Me and Börje did a complete restoring of the brakes. The car has drum brakes all around.

Summer of 2000
Status quo.

Summer of 2001
This summer I bought and installed a complete rust proof exhaust system. Now I could hear the beautiful sound of the engine again. It purred like a cat, even though it hade only been started occasionally for a period of more than 10 years.

Summer of 2002
Not that much happened this summer. I did some electrical work, like connecting the rear tall lamps, and conecting the direction indicators. I also installed a new pair of horns, with the real classic sound.

Summer of 2003
I didnt do much this year, just an overhaul of the ignition system and the carburettor.

Summer of 2004
In May I ordered a new carpet from a company, "Yankee Parts" in Gothenburg, and got it in place in August. It's beige, like the original carpet. The interior of the car looked real nice at that point.

August of 2005
Finally the car was lacquered (spray-painted) after years of waitening for this to happen. Another friend, Peter, made a really proffessional work. Now I really got inspired to finish the work of getting my car back in mint condition.

October 2005
I got the windshield installed and the two rear side-windows. Yet another friend, Esbjörn, helped me.

June 2006
I ordered a rear bumper a half year ago, and now in June 2006 we went to Gotheburg to pic it up.
Guess what! It was the front bumper instead of rear bumper. So now I got two fromt bumper and still no rear bumper.
Anyway we installad the one of my front bumpers

February 2007
A friend to me, Niklas helped me to paint the inside of the car. Since the four doors and rear fenders I changed were blue on the inside, but I wanted them brown / bronze / beige as the car was in orginal when I bought it. He did a great work as you can see on the pictures.

June 2008
Finally I got the rear bumper!! after spending lots of money and duzzins of phonecalls

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